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That boy has a good point.
(Oliver made the same good point,
and then he let me use his joke.)

I bet bees often get lonely.

Happy Earth Day everyone!
NOTE: I do not condone the construction of earth costumes
unless they are fabricated with earth-friendly material.

It's hard to hold your smile for very long.

I used lots of invisible ink on this one.
I actually drew an exact replicate of the Sistine Chapel,
but it's invisble so...you can't see it.

Merry National Library Week!
And remember kids, the library is a great place to be cool.

Sadly the boy's handstand is better than mine.

I made this comic on March 31.
It's a random one!

I know. I know. It's a nerdy comic.
That's what I get for writing comics in an class.

A Boy and a Doggy go on a trip to Cali.

Just an art piece...like when I first started these comics.

Sometimes fortune cookies tell nice fortunes.

That boy is a master artist. (nice computer eh?)

Another rainy day. Another puddle in which to splash.

Valentines are smoochie-gross! At least you get little candies on Valentines

fe·tiv·ir·ous -
(explative) a word exclaimed in jubilation while
experiencing extreme activities. From the French root of fêter.

That is quite a jump.

February 1st is an important day
It's my mommy's birthday; my dog's birthday, and
It's close enough to BoyDog Comic's first birthday
for me to declare February 1st as it's birthday
I wonder what the dog is gonna wish for...

I wish I had a dog's life.

The fourth page of comics and a wagon ride.
My dog would never pull me either.

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