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Some New Year's resolutions are harder to keep than others.

This is a nice summer-time comic to brighten up the winter.

I have to return to school soon...rats.

I think this is one of those homonym jokes.
(Look at that boy's shirt!)

It's nice to watch the snow fall until it gets too cold.

Hey! That boy got his little project working!
read about my group's project!

Don't worry. There's a second part to the story.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes you should stand up for yourself.
At other times you should be nice to a doggy.

My dad is a smart guy.
Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Halloween
Happy 50th comic
There were just too many ideas so I decided to just have fun with the costumes
(Oliver wrote one square and I promised him fame and glory).

Giants can grow very tall.

Ahh! It's one of those dang sappy comics.

He's picking his pumpkins pretty early.

That boy really likes (to) Fall.

I'm really tired just like that boy.
(you'll need to scroll over to see it all)

That's an aquatic crustacean.
What a silly-willy.

Shoe Laces and Ice Cream.

Labor Day Eve.

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