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This happens to be my 40th* boydog comic.
It's in "color" because it's made for a reason.


(I went to China this summer too!)

That boy is going on a trip.
But the dawn is breaking.

I like backbacks with those nice shoulder straps

Even the doggy can learn chinese.

There's lots of people in China,
but the tourists always manage
to be the ones in the way.

At times the food can be...scary
At other times you can eat it.

At times hugs feel awkward.

Now I understand it!

I would have to agree with that.

Yankee Doodle Dandy it's the Fourth of July

Happy father's Day
(My daddy liked this.
He said he would leave me at the park
if I wore a bear suit.)

Mother's Day
(this one is interactive! click the buttons)

I'm done with my finals.

Being a superhero can be hard.
That's probably why they all have sidekicks.

What word rhymes with willy?

Just hangin' around.

Take some time to smell the roses

Dogs have feelings too.

The first edition of
"a Boy-Dog education"

I wasn't sure what a cheese danish looked like.
so that thing on the ground is a cheese danish

Hey! That dog is playing
a trick on him!

*actually it's my forty-first but I forgot to post the kung fu hug comic.

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